Welcome to Red Mountain

Red Mountain was founded in Provo, Utah in 1997 by Evan and Kelly Mickelsen. Evan and Kelly opened the doors to Red Mountain after noticing room for improvement within the floral market in Utah. With the dual focus of exceptional customer service and limiting steps between farms and consumers, Red Mountain quickly grew to be the preferred source of floral shops and independent designers throughout the intermountain west. Rapid growth soon necessitated a move from the original basement warehouse to a large facility nearby in Provo. 

As news of Red Mountain's quality and service spread, so too did the company's reach. In-house delivery routes throughout Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming helping meet the needs of florists far and wide. 
As the floral industry continually changes and evolves, Red Mountain has been a source of both consistency and adaptability for its customers. As longstanding florists work to keep up with industry changes, Red Mountain works to help inform and educate as a partner in keeping their businesses viable and successful. As new florists enter the industry, Red Mountain seeks to help establish and grow their businesses. Regular workshops, webinars, design shows, and social media posts help Red Mountain customers stay up-to-date with trends and changes in the industry. 

Along with Evan and Kelly Mickelsen, Red Mountain has an incredibly experienced and capable staff of salespeople, delivery drivers, buyers, office, and warehouse personnel. The staff is assisted by a vehicle fleet of 20+ delivery vans and trucks traversing the Rockies on a daily basis. 

If you haven't already, please click on the Contact Us link and find a time to visit one of our warehouses or call and speak with a Red Mountain employee. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook by clicking the links at the top of the page. We would like to establish a business relationship with you in hopes that we will earn your trust as you come to love our quality, consistency, and exceptional customer service.